Keppal Reviews 2024: What Customers Really Think?

Plan to shop online. And you’re wondering if is a natural site or a scam? You’re in the right place; let’s go over the Keppal reviews together.

It’s tough to pick the right clothing name because so many are out there. We have compiled this article to assist you in making a well-informed decision.

We will learn a lot about Keppal in this article and tell you why you should stay away from this fake online business.

What is

keppal reviews

Now, let’s look at Keppal reviews. But first, let’s learn about

This online store has a vast selection of clothes for women. There are new apparel, hot sales, tops, casual dresses, dresses, t-shirts, sweaters and cardigans, two-piece sets, and more at Keppal. Also, these items are very cheap, which makes it more likely that they are fake.

Well, there are many red flags on this website that give a signal that this online fashion store is fake. After reading this article, you will get a clear picture about brand reviews.

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Keppal has a lot of red flags. That makes people think twice before they buy something—time to find the red flags.

1. No Way to Get in Touch does not have a customer service phone number. Email is the only way to get in touch with them. Because there is no direct link, customers find it hard to get help quickly or have their questions answered. It makes me wonder how committed the company is to being honest and giving great customer service.

2. Facebook or Twitter Account not Made

Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter don’t list as a member site. When a business is real, they rarely don’t use social media. Companies can talk to customers, show off their goods, and make their brands more well-known through social media. Its disappearance makes people worry.

 3. Discounts that Seem Fishy

Items on the website are often discounted by 70% or more, a considerable amount. Even though prices are appealing, these big markdowns could be used to get people to buy. Discounts that seem too good to be accurate are usually not offered by real businesses, as they could be a sign of low-quality goods or possible scams.

4. A Brand-New Website

The fact that is a new website could be a red flag. A more extended online presence is usually a sign of an established and trustworthy business. A brand-new website may mean the company is new or need more experience.

5. No Security for the Website 

There are no security badges or certificates from well-known companies like Norton or McAfee on the website. This lack of website security makes me worry about the safety and privacy of customer information and purchases. Legitimate e-commerce sites put much effort into data protection to build customer trust.

6. There is No Physical Address needs to give a physical address or place for their business. There are serious concerns about the need for more knowledge about where the company is.

7. Negative Feedback 

Many people who have had problems with have left negative comments and reviews. These problems include lousy product quality, late deliveries, and a lack of customer service. 

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Is Legit?

No, doesn’t look like an accurate site. says it sells clothes at reasonable prices, but it’s a fake online store that will send you fake or poor-quality goods or nothing.

It’s best not to avoid buying anything from this website but be aware of a sketchy online store that needs to be more precise and gets many bad reviews.

Keppal Reviews and Complaints

keppal clothing reviews

Keppal Clothing Reviews

We found some Keppal Clothing reviews on various websites.

“I wish I had read the reviews before I bought something from” I got a dress that looked nothing like the picture. It was severely made from cheap material and didn’t fit at all. What a waste of money!”

“Do not go to this site! The clothes I ordered said they were made of 100% cotton, but when they arrived, they felt like rough polyester. Not the quality that was described.”

“I ordered something from, but it never came.” I emailed their “customer service” several times but never heard back. It’s been two months, and I still have to fight the charges with my bank. What a terrible experience.”

“At first glance, the jeans I bought from them looked well made. But after just one wash, they were all crooked and faded. Those “too good to be true” prices are worth their cost.

“Don’t believe the flashy ads and deals on All of the clothes I got were straight-up fakes of well-known brands. Some didn’t even have good zippers, buttons, or finished seams.”

“A friend told me not to order from sketchy sites like this, but I didn’t listen. Thank you for your disappointing customer service. I’m now out $75 and have nothing to show for it.

These reviews show that is a website you should not trust and is probably a scam.

Keppal Reviews BBB

Keppal Reviews BBB has a 1.17/5 BBB rating based on 12 customer reviews. The Keppal reviews complain about inadequate customer support, subscription cancellation concerns, and unauthorized charges.

Customers are frustrated by the company’s inaction and failure to resolve their issues. The BBB rating says might improve its handling of consumer complaints.

Keppal Trustpilot Reviews

Keppal trustpilot reviews

Based on 52 Trustpilot reviews, is rated 3.5/5. Many clients complain about the company’s billing, unlawful payments, and subscription cancellations.

Customer service is sometimes criticized for needing to be more responsive and difficult to resolve. Trustpilot ratings suggest a company has to improve customer service and billing to restore consumer trust.

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Keppal Alternatives


ASOS is a well-known online clothing store with many trendy clothes, shoes, and items for both men and women. It’s famous for its vast range, low prices, and many sales.

2. Nordstrom

Nordstrom has stores, but its online shopping platform is well-known for having a vast selection of fashion names, an easy-to-use website, and excellent customer service.

3. Zappos 

While Zappos is mainly known for selling shoes, it also has a lot of clothes and items from many brands. People love how fast it ships, how easy it is to return items, and how excellent the customer service is.

4. Revolve

Revolve is an online clothing store selling trendy and modern clothes, swimwear, and items from several brands: young shoppers and people with a lot of power like it.

5. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a store that sells unique clothes, accessories, and home goods with a bohemian style. It is part of the Urban Outfitters family. It’s known for its distinctive looks and for making good items.

FAQs Related to Keppal Reviews

Are items reasonable or too good to be true?’s products may seem cheap, but too-good-to-be-true prices can indicate scams. Online shopping requires caution.

How can I reach customer service?

Unfortunately, has no customer service number. Email is their only contact method. This lack of direct connection might make getting help or answers difficult.

Is on Facebook or Twitter?

It appears doesn’t have Facebook or Twitter profiles. Customers may find communicating with the company without social media tougher, raising questions about its credibility.

Are discounts suspiciously high? offers significant discounts, often up to 70%. These prices may appeal, but substantial reductions may be used to sell low-quality or counterfeit goods.

Does indicate website security?

Unfortunately, lacks Norton and McAfee security badges and certifications. This lack of security raises worries regarding personal data and transactions.

Does have a physical address? needs a physical address. A firm without a physical address casts doubt on its validity and transparency.

What do customers think of, and are there any good alternatives? customers have complained of low-quality products, late deliveries, and poor service. ASOS, Nordstrom, Zappos, Revolve, and Anthropologie are good online buying options.

Final Thoughts on Keppal Reviews

Finally, the fact that most reviews on sites like BBB and Trustpilot could be better makes look bad.

With so many complaints about payment problems, unauthorized charges, and lousy customer service, it’s clear that this company needs to live up to what customers expect.

It’s easier to recommend Keppal’s services once they take tangible steps to fix these systemic issues and put customer happiness first.

Customers thinking about doing business with this company should be careful and look into other options before deciding to go with this one.

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