Evaless Reviews 2024: Is Evaless Legit? Read Before You Shop

Thinking of buying adorable clothes on Evaless website? Not so fast! Are their dresses and shoes truly quality steals too good to be true? 

We dive beyond pretty pictures into the real ratings from past buyers. I’m wondering if Evaless sent items as nice as the models showed or if disappointed shoppers were warned to walk away. 

My deep hunt for your protection will showcase the truth on do their cheap tops and jeans hold up over time or quickly fall apart. 

Are crowds of customers pleased or urging caution? Read honest Evaless reviews from fellow shoppers before purchasing. No more wasting hard-earned money on poor-quality packages!

About Evaless

Evaless reviews

Evaless sells low-cost women’s clothing on the internet. They advertise trendy tops, dresses, swimsuits, and more for very cheap prices. 

Pictures on their website showcase good-looking items modeled by happy ladies. This makes shoppers with tight budgets excited to buy cute but affordable styles from Evaless

However, some smart women wondering – can quality stay nice when prices go so low? Or might worries be getting the items in person? 

This Evaless review will take a close look at what past customers say after ordering their clothes. We want to check for Evaless Reviews complaints about things like fabrics feeling cheap, wrong sizes, bad stitching, weird shipping, or trouble returning packages. 

Let’s uncover if this deal seems too good to be true! Onward to find out!

Why Trust Glow and Glam Corner Reviews?

Glow & Glam Corner values openness and honesty in our evaluations. We are devoted to delivering honest information about the product reviews we feature. 

Our team rigorously monitors previous buyer evaluations and analyzes ratings from credible sources to guarantee that the information we give is reliable and accurate. 

Reviews on Evaless may help you make informed choices while purchasing online.

Is Evaless Legit?

Evaless is a legit company, yes. They provide a wide selection of stylish apparel selections at reasonable costs. Despite the odd complaint and a few unfavorable reviews, Evaless is generally well-liked by consumers.

Evaless might be regarded as a trustworthy internet merchant, but before making a purchase, it’s vital to do your homework and read Evaless.com reviews.

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Evaless Features

Inclusive Sizing Options

Evaless offers inclusive sizing options that accommodate a wide variety of body types. You may discover clothes that fit well and accentuate your features, regardless of your size.

Fashion-Forward Designs

Evaless designs are always ahead of the fashion curve. Their apparel lines provide elegant and modern styles that guarantee you’ll appear current and stylish.

Premium Materials

Evaless places great value on using premium textiles. Their goods, which range from long-lasting denim to delicate cotton, feel amazing on your skin.

Support and Customer Service

Evaless cherishes its clients. They have a helpful customer care team there to assist you if you need assistance or have any queries.

Recall that Evaless provides reasonably priced clothing, such as swimsuits, blouses, pants, and more. Visit Evaless.com to view their chic selection.

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Pros and Cons of Evaless

Pros Cons
Trendy and stylish clothing designs. Limited size options
Affordable pricing. Inconsistent quality
Wide range of product categories. Long shipping times
Easy-to-navigate website. Limited customer service responsiveness
Positive customer reviews Lack of transparency in sourcing materials


Evaless Reviews

Evaless Clothing Reviews

Let’s take a look at some Evaless clothing reviews from various customers:

Liliana (Italy) – December 12, 2022:

“Evaless is a well-stocked site, and shipping arrives on time. I bought some sweaters, and I find them of excellent quality and as described.”

Jennifer Williams (United States) – October 5, 2023:

“Unfortunately, they say they allow returns, but neither email nor phone number on the Contact Us page responds. I liked the product but just wanted to exchange it for a different size. Their loss as I do enjoy shopping.”

AWRA (United States) – October 12, 2023:

“DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. Lost nearly $100. Asked for a refund because they didn’t have my items in stock. Keep saying it’s been processed, but nothing to date. Also, the shirt they told me is out of stock is still being advertised.” 

Bess Cheung (United States) – September 13, 2023:

“Wonderful communication! The product was as described and pictured. There is a slight pink tone to the cardigan, but overall I loved it. The company stands behind their customers and wants to deliver the overall best experience.” 

Evaless Trustpilot Reviews

evaless trustpilot reviews

On Trustpilot, Evaless has 284 reviews with an average rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Many customers have expressed pleasure with their products.

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Evaless Jeans Reviews

evaless jeans reviews


  • Evaless jeans are fashionable and of high quality.
  • A few clients value the top-notch customer support.


  • On the other hand, there have been problems with sporadic size disparities, inattentive customer service, and delivery delays.

In conclusion, Evaless jeans blend quality and style, but when placing a purchase, it’s important to exercise caution and control expectations.

Evaless Shoes Reviews

evaless shoes reviews


  • Evaless shoes are adorable and of decent quality.
  • Some clients value the top-notch customer support, which included sending free replacements when sizes weren’t accurate.


  • On the other hand, there have been problems with sporadic size disparities, inattentive customer service, and delivery delays.
  • Some customers bought shoes online, but what they received was kid-size footwear.

In conclusion, Evaless shoes blend quality with style, but when placing an order, it’s important to exercise caution and control expectations.

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Evaless Customer Reviews

Certainly! Here’s a concise summary of Evaless reviews:

Positive Reviews Negative Reviews
– Easy-to-Use Website: Customers found Evaless’s website user-friendly with an impressive selection. – Challenges with Returns and Exchanges: Some users faced difficulties exchanging items due to unresponsive customer service.
– Responsive Customer Support: Prompt and helpful responses from customer service. – Delayed Orders: Customers reported long wait times without order fulfillment.
– Accurate Descriptions: Products matched the description and pictures. – Sizing Issues: Incorrect sizing received, leading to dissatisfaction.
  – Unfulfilled Orders: Several users experienced unfulfilled orders and a lack of communication.

In summary, Evaless has mixed reviews, so potential buyers should consider these experiences before making a purchase. 

What is the Price Range of Evaless Shoes?

Evaless provides a wide range of trendy women’s shoes at various pricing points. This is an overview of their shoe costs:


  • Evaless has a range of stylish sneakers that start at $25.99.

Canvas Shoes

  • Sunflower Flat Canvas Shoes: $37.99.
  • American Flag Daily Flat Canvas Shoes: $24.99.
  • Floral Daily Flat Canvas Shoes: $24.99.
  • American Flag Slippers Canvas Shoes: $26.99.
  • Pink Spring Floral Graphic Daily Canvas Shoes: $29.99.

Graphic Shoes

  • Black Shamrock Daily Flat Canvas Shoes: $29.99.

Several types

  • Evaless offers sandals, lace-up sneakers, and slip-on flats among its several shoe types.
  • The design and material have an impact on price.

Remember to visit Evaless.com for the full range of options and to explore their latest shoe collections! 

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Evaless Alternatives

1. Shein

Shein provides a large selection of stylish and reasonably priced women’s clothes. They provide a wide range of designs, from elegant gowns to casual attire.


It is Well-known for offering a wide range of sizes and tastes in fashion, ASOS is an online shop. They provide a wide variety of apparel, accoutrements, and shoes.

3. Boohoo.com

Boohoo is renowned for its inexpensive costs and quick fashion. They often include the newest trends into their collections.

4. PrettyLittleThing

PrettyLittleThing sells fashionable and reasonably priced apparel, such as loungewear, activewear, and party dresses. They give off a modern, young air.


This store focuses on daring and edgy looks. For individuals looking to stand out with their wardrobe, NASTY GAL clothes are ideal.

FAQs Related to Evaless Reviews

Where does Evaless ship from?

Worldwide, evaless ships go to almost all nations, including those in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and more. They use reputable, well-known international carriers to make sure your delivery gets to its destination securely and safely.

Please be aware that the anticipated delivery time is calculated from the date of shipment, not the order date, and that it may take longer if an address is incorrect or customs clearance is required. Visit Evaless Shipping & Delivery for precise shipping information.

Where is Evaless.com Located?

The specific physical location of Evaless.com’s headquarters or offices is not readily available.

Is Evaless an American Company?

Evaless asserts to be a US-based business, yet there are contradicting reports. Their marketing communications identify a company address in China, even though they explicitly say that they are affiliated with the US. 101 Tingnanlu Hualongzhen, Guangzhou, Guangdong 511431, China1 is the address given. As a result, you should proceed with caution and confirm their qualifications before drawing any conclusions.

Is Evaless a Reputable Company?

Indeed, Evaless is regarded as a reputable company. Many consumers have left excellent reviews because of their affordable rates and selection of stylish items. But like any business, there could occasionally be grievances or problems. Before making a purchase, it’s wise to do extensive research and read reviews to guarantee a satisfying purchasing experience.

How can I contact the customer service of Evaless?

There are two ways that you may get in touch with Evaless customer support:

  • Email: support@evaless.com is the email address you may use to contact them.
  • WhatsApp: +1 909 268 4350 is the WhatsApp number at which you may reach them.
  • They are available for assistance Monday through Friday from 8 PM to 4 AM (US time).

You may reach them either way, and they will respond to you right away!

Final Verdict

After extensively researching Evaless reviews, it is clear that the brand provides stylish apparel selections. However, varied consumer feedback raises questions about the constancy of product quality and service.

While some customers have had excellent experiences, others have reported problems with shipment timelines and product satisfaction.

As a result, it is critical to approach Evaless with caution and undertake extensive research before making a purchase.

While it may be a handy choice for some, potential consumers should carefully consider the advantages and drawbacks to see if Evaless meets their needs and tastes.

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