Top 15 Makeup Ideas for Black Dress 2024 – With Pictures

Slipping into a black dress that fits you properly and gives you confidence has a remarkable effect. You need the correct cosmetics look to make that flawless black dress even more unforgettable.

Although practically every makeup look works with black because it is such a forgiving tone, I do have a few all-time favorites.

Considering the present fashion, we can confidently declare that everyone enjoys dressing in black. Having the appropriate makeup appearance is crucial to showcasing the black dress concept.

Finding the ideal makeup ideas for black dress is no longer difficult anymore because we have them all compiled here for you!

Top 15 Makeup Ideas for Black Dress

1. Makeup Ideas for a Black Dress with Electric Blue Eyes

prom makeup ideas for black dress

Make use of that black dress as the ideal blank canvas for a vibrant pop of color. All skin tones look fantastic while wearing electric blue, which is both retro and contemporary at the same time.

This is ideal for a red carpet or major event when uniqueness and personality are celebrated.

A clear glossy lip, in my opinion, is ideal for this look since it provides texture while leaving the eyes as the only source of color.

2. For Black Dresses, Use Red Lips and Cat Eyes

red lips makeup ideas for black dressImagine yourself walking into a gathering given by relatives or friends wearing a long, flared black dress. We think you’ll be the center of attention.

Want to add some cosmetics to the black dress image? You may give it a dramatic cat-eye touch. Draw two wings using Lovoir using a stencil: Use the method Eyeliner Stamp for beginners or the flick stick.

If you want to use any extra products, make sure they are waterproof and long-lasting to avoid ruining your eye makeup for a black dress.

Fierce crimson lips can be tastefully matched with cat eyes. For such a dramatic appearance, we would choose the renowned 999 hue from Dior.

3. Sharp Nude Lips and Charcoal Smoky Eyes

makeup ideas for black dress
Smoky eyes and a bare lip are always winning combinations to wear with an inky black dress. Additionally, if time is of the essence, this is a style that can be swiftly put together.

It’s ideal for a sensual date or seductive gathering (or an early 2000s costume party if you switch nude lips for plain concealer lips).

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4. Ideas for Pink Makeup on a Black Dress

pink makeup ideas for black dress

One of the greatest makeup ideas for black dress that may somewhat improve your makeup look while still seeming natural is to use pink and nude tones on the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

If you prefer to avoid wearing stronger colors, incorporating consistent, comparable tones into your makeup is a simple method to keep everything in place.

With Lumene Invisible Watercolor Blush, you may apply color to your cheeks to give them a flushed appearance.

5. The Two Eyes with Wings

makeup looks for a black dress with winged eyes
The majority of the time, your black dress calls for an understated presentation. We have tested out the wing-shaped makeup styles for black dresses for this.

If you are too unstable to do the winged style as a beginner, attach two tapes at the corner of your eyes, facing upward. After that, equally, draw two angular lines. And you are always prepared.

6. Bold Brows and Smoldering Eyes

red lips makeup ideas for black dress

Red lips are a winner, according to Betancur, who has a light and pale complexion. The reasons why this timeless makeup style is perfect to wear with a black dress are countless and include bold brows, smoldering eyes, and vibrant lips.

The dressier the eyes are, the better; the more dramatic, the better. Betancur suggests fine eyeliner and excellent mascara as finishing touches.

7.  Greening Up

green eyeshadow makeup ideas for black dress

A green eyeshadow? Please, yes. This color is a great option to pair with black outfits and is available in several hues.

If you want a pastel or metallic effect, try Kjaer Weis’s Eye Shadow ($20) in Green Depth. Green changes things up from standard neutrals.

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8. Combine with Vivid Orange

orange lips makeup look for black dress
The orange lips and makeup ideas for a black dress will be the ideal complement for individuals who like extras. To make a distinction, you may use a variety of orange colors, including matte ones in neutral tones.

9. A Strong Brow

strong brows makeup look for black dress

Strong brows provide a smooth, natural makeup look structure. Enhancing eyebrows, eyelashes, and cheekbones are all effective methods to draw attention to features while using neutral hues without overdoing the makeup.

10. Positive Aspects

metallic makeup ideas for a black dress
When paired with a black dress, metallic eyes, and matte lips demonstrate how textures and finishes in cosmetics can stand out more than before.

We adore this look, which has peachy lipstick and shimmering silver eyeshadow.

11. Purple Eyeshadow Look

Purple Eyeshadow Look

Wear different shades of purple eyeshadow with a black dress. Put lighter purple near eyes and darker purple further away.

Purple makes your eyes pop against the black color. It creates a pretty contrast. Purple is an unexpected color that looks stylish with an all-black outfit. Keep other makeup simple.

12. Contoured Cheeks

contoured cheeks

Use makeup to make your cheekbones look more defined and sculpted. Apply a darker shade below the cheekbones to create shadows. Then use a highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones.

This contouring adds shape and dimension to your face. It gives your makeup more depth and makes your features stand out beautifully.

13. Matte Skin

Matte Skin makeup look for black dress

For a polished look with a black dress, make your face appear smooth and shine-free. Use a matte foundation and powder to achieve an elegant, velvet-like complexion without any oily or shiny spots.

This sleek, flat matte finish looks sophisticated.

14. Burgundy Lip Makeup Ideas for Black Dress

Burgundy Lip MakeUp Ideas for Black Dress

A deep reddish-purple burgundy lip color is dramatic and adds richness when wearing a black dress. This dark berry shade makes a statement and looks glamorous.

It’s a bold yet classy option that brings extra elegance and polish to your look.

15. Glowing Skin

glowing skin makeup ideas for black dress

For a fresh, youthful appearance, create luminous, dewy-looking skin. Use a hydrating foundation or tinted moisturizer and highlighter on high points of the face.

This glowing, radiant complexion looks healthy and vibrant against a black dress for a pretty glow.

Blow it out!

The top 15 makeup ideas for black dresses that work for all skin tones and age groups have been compiled by us.

However, if any of these two to three makeups looks work well together, feel free to mix and match them.

In the comments section below, let us know if we missed any additional incredible makeup looks for black outfits.

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