XPlusWear Reviews 2024: Shocking Truth Revealed! Read Before You Shop

PlusWear is an online store that sells clothes for women. They focus on making stylish outfits for people who wear plus sizes, like size 12 and higher.

On their website, you can shop for tops, dresses, swimsuits, and more in bigger sizes. The company says they design their fashions. Prices seem lower than in fancy mall stores.

Should we buy clothes from XPlusWear? Are they using suitable fabrics? Do things fit right? Is shipping fast enough? Will moms and teens both want to wear the styles?

We need ratings and thoughts from past genuine buyers to best know if we should stop there. XPlusWear reviews give us the truth before deciding if items are worth the cost or will disappoint.

We’ll highlight what shoppers confirm went well or not so well. This teaches us what to expect if we place orders!

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Is XPlusWear Legit?

XPlusWear Reviews

Professional ecommerce site. No company ownership details.
Social media pages. No supply chain breakdown.
Years in business. No ethical/sustainable commitments.
Location claimed in California. Few interview/media citations.
Customer reviews on products.


Yes, XPlusWear does ship real products to customers so they pass as a legit company. But we encourage them to improve policies.

Share who owners are. Explain how clothes are made. List location addresses. Answer questions. Update return rules to put customers first. This extra information prevents worries and shows good intentions.

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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing XPlusWear

plus size clothing

What to Think About First

Before you buy anything from XPlusWear, what should you consider? Price, quality, style, and service are big ones. How do the clothes fit on bodies like yours? Did others have issues with orders or returns? Get all the essential facts first!

Review Details Matter

Reading buyer ratings takes good attention. Watch for what they focus praise or complaints on. Do more people talk about items being too small or large? How often do deliveries arrive late? Spot any patterns for what needs improvement.

Ask Around Too

Talking to friends and family who ordered from XPlusWear also gives helpful thoughts. They might recommend good pieces based on what worked for their figures. Comparing their experiences plus online reviews creates your total view.

Doing this homework gives you significant power before purchasing!

XPlusWear Shipping Reviews

Multiple reviewers complain of delayed shipping from XPlusWear, with standard delivery estimates often arriving 1-2 weeks later than the projected timeline quoted—a few mention shipments needing help with prolonged resolution, harming special event needs.

Overall, shipping reliability earns poor marks.

XPlusWear Customer Reviews

Common grievances from XPlusWear customers center around products feeling and looking cheaper in person compared to the website presentation.

Complaints on fabric quality, questionable durability for longevity, and finishes like loose threads and sins are consistent across all categories from this value-positioned plus brand.

XPlusWear Formal Dresses Reviews

Formal dress shoppers caution interested buyers that XPlusWear’s special occasion collections differ from other retailers’ finer fabrication or structured tailoring.

Reviewers cite concerns like thin, ill-fitting materials and reinforce the recommendation to carefully inspect in person upon arrival before wearing to prevent malfunctions.

XPlusWear Plus Size Reviews

Consistently across plus size ranges, XPlusWear customers reference sizing issues – with many outfits running more minor than the posted measurements and size charts.

Trying to achieve the right relaxed vs. tight fit often requires multiple exchanges and aggravates buyers seeking convenience amid restrictions and surcharges imposed on returns.

XPlus Fashion Reviews

XPlusWear’s affordable pricing draws interest, but actual customers repeatedly rate quality as subpar for longevity based on the low-grade textiles featuring limited stretch and durability.

Reviewers suggest closely comparing material density and craftsmanship details against higher-rated brands before expecting extensive wear and satisfaction.

XPlusWear Clothing Reviews

Clothing, whether basics, sets, or dresses, earns negative critique from XPlusWear buyers regarding unrealistic fabric finishes and coloring.

Complaints cite fading, pilling, and bleeding as rampant issues across categories. Some reference contact reactions to lower-grade dyes as well.

Checking composition ahead is advised while keeping expectations realistic.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

XPlusWear BBB Reviews 

XPlusWear BBB Reviews

XPlusWear has been reviewed on BBB and received 1 out of 5 stars.

In a February 17, 2024, review, Pamela W criticized XPlusWear for delayed delivery of a coat ordered in November 2023. Describing the material as inferior, she received only a partial refund or a discount for a new order, prompting her to advise the company against buying from it.

In a February 16, 2024, review, Kathryn W expressed disappointment with XPlusWear. She criticized the product’s deviation from its advertised appearance, citing flimsy material quality. XPlusWear’s lack of prompt customer service and failure to process refunds as promised led Kathryn to advise against purchasing from the company.

Be cautious when considering XPlusWear, as there are mixed reviews and potential delays in shipping.

XPlusWear Trustpilot Reviews

XPlusWear Trustpilot Reviews

XPlusWear has received 4,835 reviews on Trustpilot, with an overall rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Many customers have had positive experiences with their clothing, while others have expressed concerns about shipping times and misleading advertisements.

Let’s take a look at what real customers have shared about their experiences with XPlusWear on Trustpilot:

Margaret Branch Bennett expressed disappointment with XPlusWear after a promised item for a special occasion failed to arrive within ten working days. She learned it had yet to be made and vowed to order again with guaranteed timely shipping.

Charisse W, on the other hand, had a positive experience. She ordered a dress for her 50th birthday photo shoot and was pleased with the outcome. The clothing was true to size, which was a relief, considering online sizing can sometimes be tricky.

XPlusWear Reviews on Reddit

XPlusWear reviews on Reddit indicate a range of customer viewpoints. Some customers commend the company for its modern designs and low costs, emphasizing the comfort and fit of their apparel.

Others want to be more satisfied with shipment delays, size irregularities, and customer service encounters.

Some consumers enjoy XPlusWear’s value for money, while others advise future purchasers to extensively research product reviews before purchasing.

Reddit reviews give various opinions, allowing people to make educated purchasing decisions with XPlusWear.

XplusWear Alternatives


CurveDream features attractive plus sizes on models. Offer a wide range of wardrobe options, from edgy to professional. Prices are reasonable, similar to those at XPlusWear.


BloomChic boasts that its designs use soft, elastic materials. Highlights attractive cuts for plus-size figures. The return policy is flexible if required.


Azzlee promotes fashionable designs and patterns for younger audiences. On one website, you may get both casual and fancy attire. Emphasizes body-positive messaging in the brand.

Pink Lily

Pink Lily is known for its exquisite outfit selections. Many people remark that it is a good fit. It caters to occasions other than prom, such as weddings. Known for exceptional customer service.


Emmiol specializes in eco-friendly natural materials designed for delicate skin. Owners publicly discuss their adoption empowerment foundations. Provide choices for addressing adaptive requirements.

FAQs Related to XPlusWear Reviews

Is XPlusWear an actual website?

Yes, XPlusWear is a legitimate website selling natural products. They have been around for a few years with an active online presence.

Where is XPlusWear located?

According to their website, XPlusWear is located in the City of Industry, California, in the United States. This seems accurate as reviews reference quick standard shipping times across the US.

Are XPlusWear Products True to Size?

Buyers are on the fence if you can rely on their size calculator and charts. The most common complaint is outfits running too small despite recommendations. Checking measurements yourself rather than only going by their posted ones is smart.

How to Care for XPlusWear Clothing?

Reviewers warn that their fabrics seem delicate and thinner than pricier brands. According to users, machine wash low and skip the dryer to preserve longevity. Air dry everything lays out instead for the best lifespan through multiple wears.

What is the Return Policy for XPlusWear?

XPlusWear promises 30 days for returns. But complaints indicate you generally must pay for return shipping, which can take big bites from refunds. Their site credit solutions are only sometimes handled in a timely. Confirm policies meet your needs.

Final Verdict on XPlusWear Reviews

Given the conflicting comments and concerns surrounding XPlusWear, it is wise to proceed with care when purchasing this brand.

While some customers love the cost and modern designs, others have reported shipment delays, size problems, and poor customer service.

With the brand’s reputation still in doubt, it’s best to only buy on their website once until they continuously improve product quality and customer service.

Meanwhile, examining alternate possibilities may provide a safer and more dependable buying experience for people looking for contemporary items at a reasonable price.

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