BloomChic Reviews 2024: Must Read This Before Buying

BloomChic is a cool, new online store that sells cute and affordable clothes for girls and women. Even though they just started recently, BloomChic got very famous very fast.

Their clothes are fashionable and made to match different body sizes and shapes.

But is BloomChic as awesome as people say? When new stores become popular fast online, shoppers want to double-check if it’s real.

The best way to know is by reading BloomChic reviews from normal people who bought their clothes. Reviews show real experiences – not just flashy ads.

So, what do actual BloomChic shoppers say? Keep reading our report to find out!

What is BloomChic All About?

BloomChic sells affordable and stylish clothes for women on their website, They launched in 2020 and grew very popular fast.

This is because BloomChic is different than other fashion brands.

Their clothes come in more sizes to fit more body types – short, tall, slim, curvy, and in-between. Prices are low because they save money with online sales instead of fancy stores.

Items ship quickly across the United States and to some other countries, too.

BloomChic says buying clothes should make you excited, not nervous, if you’ll fit. Their mission is for all customers to feel confident and comfy.

Reviews show they pick soft fabrics with cute patterns for quality outfits. 

So, BloomChic uses the internet to get trendy clothes for women of all sizes while keeping costs down. Their focus is happy customers, not just profits. Pretty cool for a startup.

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Is Bloom Chic Legit?

Many shoppers ask: “Is Bloom Chic a legit site or a scam?” That’s because the clothes look so cute and cheap, it seems too good to be true! 

We checked out many BloomChic reviews on different websites to find out. We even looked at BloomChic’s score on Trustpilot. This tells how many real buyers were happy or unhappy.

trustpilot reports

Overall, most actual reviews on BloomChic shoppers agree it is a genuine store. They show the real products on the website. Many reviewers on platforms like Trustindex would recommend BloomChic to friends. 

trustIndex report

There were some complaints about delayed orders or wrong sizes shipped. But customer service resolve most of the issues. These minor problems happen at other popular stores, too.

So, reviews show that while BloomChic is still growing, they treat shoppers fairly. The affordable clothes also look as stylish on real women as online. We’ll explain more next!

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BloomChic Reviews: What Real Reviews Say

We checked reviews on different websites to see what real shoppers say. Overall, people seem happy, but some parts need work.

Bloom Chic Clothing Reviews: Cute, or No?

bloomchic reviews

Reviews of BloomChic says they make stylish clothes for all women. Reviews confirm that tops, dresses, pants, and more are nice fabrics with pretty patterns. Customers love mixing fancy pieces for parties with comfy t-shirts and jeans to lounge. Are there enough choices, though?

Some shoppers wish for more jacket and shoe options right now. The collection is also smaller than giant brands. But reviewers say BloomChic keeps adding new pieces every week. Most say it’s enough variety for affordable prices.

Here are simplified BloomChic fashion and dress reviews for a 5th grade level:

Bloom Chic Clothing Reviews

Most shoppers really like the clothes at BloomChic. They call the tops, bottoms and sets very stylish and cute for Instagram posts.

Customers are happy with the nice fabrics you don’t find on other sites charging so little. Some want BloomChic to add wider size options and more types of items over time.

But overall, reviewers say BloomChic has lots of trendy picks fitting different personal styles.

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Bloom Chic Dress Reviews

Dresses are clearly BloomChic’s specialty. Shoppers go crazy over the pretty prints and fabrics used on their midi and mini dress styles.

Flowy skater dresses with a fun angled hem is a big hit. Reviews show some size variation between dress types, but the charts help you pick your best match.

If you love photo-ready dresses, BloomChic has amazing affordable choices according to happy customers.

Shopping & Returns: How Easy Is It?

BloomChic shipping reviews show orders take 5-15 days to arrive after shipping. Some US shoppers get items in under a week. But many waited longer than the 10 days promised, especially internationally.

Returning clothes, you don’t want is reported as simple enough. You print a label and drop the package at UPS. Refunds can take 1-2 weeks, which is slower than some shops.

BloomChic Sizing Reviews: Does It Fit All?

This concerns many interested customers – do BloomChic’s clothes fit different body sizes and shapes? According to reviews, sizing varies across items but generally runs true to size or slightly large.

Some say bras or leggings are small, while oversized shirts are roomier. Check size charts before ordering. While not perfect, more sizes fit more shoppers than trendy mall brands.

Is Bloom Chic a Good Company?

Overall, BloomChic reviews show it is an amazing new company – especially for only starting 2 years ago! Shoppers are happy with the cute, affordable clothes and friendly service.

Even with late deliveries sometimes, most customers are treated fairly. BloomChic keeps working to be even better. Their fabrics come from responsible places, not wasteful factories.

Some brands pretend to care about women but only want sales. BloomChic tries to make trends work for more bodies, not only tall models.

Many BloomChic reviews say they feel at home in BloomChic’s clothes when mall brands exclude them.

Can BloomChic keep this up as they expand? Getting bigger often changes companies. However, BloomChic seems focused on keeping quality and its caring culture.

We’ll have to see in the future, but BloomChic reviews suggest that BloomChic is one of the “good guys”! What BloomChic customers think matters most.

FAQs Related to “BloomChic Reviews”

Is BloomChic a US company?

BloomChic is an American company headquartered in Los Angeles, California, that ships to customers worldwide. Their clothes are designed in the United States.

Is BloomChic true to size?

Sizing varies across BloomChic’s clothing range, but reviews indicate most items are true to size or slightly oversized. Many customers advise checking the detailed size charts to determine the best fit.

Does Shein own BloomChic? 

No, BloomChic is not affiliated with or owned by Shein. BloomChic is an independent startup ecommerce brand launched in 2020 that sells through their website  

Is BloomChic sustainable?

BloomChic asserts environmental consciousness using responsibly sourced renewable fabrics like bamboo and recycled materials. Specific sustainability initiatives remain unclear, but current reviews praise their ethics over fast fashion competitors.

Where is BloomChic based?

BloomChic is based in Los Angeles, California, and ships products worldwide. Their clothes are designed in the USA.

Is it easy to return to BloomChic?

BloomChic allows returns within 30 days by printing a prepaid shipping label and dropping off the package. Most customers report the return process as convenient. Refunds can take 7-14 business days after receiving the returned items.

Who runs BloomChic?

BloomChic was founded in 2020 by entrepreneur Sabrina Tan. As CEO, Tan leads an LA-based team focused on accessible, inclusive women’s fashion.  

Is BloomChic the same as Shein?

No, BloomChic and Shein are completely different clothing retailers. BloomChic has no affiliation or connection to the Shein company.

Does BloomChic come from China?

Even though designed in LA, BloomChic’s clothing items are manufactured in China and other Asian countries to enable low direct-to-consumer pricing. 

Is BloomChic secure?

Reviews indicate that shopping on is secure with standard encryption protection, and no major hacking or payment issues have been reported thus far.

Should You Shop BloomChic?

To wrap up, BloomChic reviews are mostly glowing so far. The affordable, fashion-forward clothes are cute quality and fit a range of bodies. Customer service solves issues quickly.

Slow shipping times and returns need work as they grow. And some wish for more items like jeans, jackets and shoes. But the selection keeps expanding.

If you want stylish outfits that make you smile without overspending, BloomChic is worth trying. Just read size charts first since some pieces run small.

What do you think? We want to hear your Bloom Chic reviews, too! Please share your good or bad orders to help other shoppers pick awesome clothes that make them shine every day!

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