Azzlee Reviews: Is Legit? Find Out Here! sells clothes for women on the internet. Some people say good things about Azzlee reviews. Other people worry that Azzlee might not be honest.

We need to look into this website more before buying anything. 

This article will find out if reviews is safe to shop from or if it tricks people. We want to help women know if the clothes from Azzlee are honest and good quality before they spend money.

It’s always important to read reviews and ask questions first. That way, you can avoid bad websites that pretend they have nice clothes but only want to take your money.

We’ll provide the information needed to make an intelligent decision about Knowledge is essential so you can use the internet safely.

Let’s take a closer look at this clothing company!

About Azzlee Clothing reviews

Azzlee Clothing sells women’s apparel and accessories on their website They promise trendy fashions at affordable prices.

Key Highlights (What They Claim)

  • Sells women’s clothing and accessories.
  • Trendy, affordable prices.
  • New arrivals every day.
  • Fast, reliable shipping.
  • Easy returns within 30 days.
  • Secure online payment options.
  • Top-rated customer service.
  • Models show clothes on the website.
  • Large social media following.

However, looking deeper into Azzlee, we could only verify many of these claims. No evidence on the website or anywhere online confirms details about the company’s owners, leadership team, return policies, manufacturing standards, customer reviews, or social media engagement.

Fact-checking a list of promises to shoppers is friendly and makes eluate if this business operates transparently and ethically. We will need more objective information across these areas before determining if Azzlee Clothing is a legitimate and reputable online store.

Factors to Consider When Determining the Legitimacy of an Online Store

Here are some simplified vital factors to evaluate if an online store is legitimate or not:

Contact Information

Does the site list an actual phone number, address, email, etc? Can you quickly contact real people if issues come up?

Company History

How long have they been in business? Can you find details on when and where they started selling products?

Owners & Leadership

Are the owners and managers listed by name, so you know who runs the company?

Return Policies

What do they promise for returns, exchanges, and refunds if you need to send products back? Are policies buyer-friendly?

Product Reviews

Can you read ratings and brand reviews for products? Do other buyers describe positives and negatives?

Payment Security

What does the site say about safely processing payments? Do they use standard encryption and protection during checkout?

The more missing info and gaps in these areas, the less legitimacy the online seller likely has. You want to see suitable proof across all of these factors before feeling entirely confident about transacting with an e-commerce store online. Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!

Is Azzlee Legit?

Reviews on SiteJabber

Azzlee reviews on sitejabber

Azzlee reviews has a rating of 3.98 stars based on 22,955 reviews. Most clients are pleased with their purchases, citing convenience, high quality, and a diverse range. However, some Azzlee reviews need more information on the return policy or label.

Azzlee Reviews BBB

Azzlee Reviews BBB

Azzlee has a 1-star rating on bbb, with 21,220 reviews. Customers like the brand’s beautiful apparel and affordable rates. However, there have been concerns concerning shipping charges and delayed deliveries.

Azzlee Reviews on FindThisBest 

Azzlee Reviews on FindThisBest

Azzlee’s quality has received mixed reviews on FindThisBest website. Some consumers are delighted with their purchases, citing the high-quality fabric and durability even after washing. Others, however, voice displeasure with concerns such as missing buttons and rips in clothing.

Azzlee Reviews on Trustpilot 

Azzlee reviews on trustpilot

According to 158 Trustpilot user evaluations, Azzlee is an online fashion business that sells low-quality, ill-fitting apparel. Customers frequently complain about low quality, deceptive photographs, and lousy customer service4.

In summation, Azzlee provides a choice of designs and sizes, but evaluating both good and negative comments is important before making a selection. 🌟👗

Azzlee Clothing Reviews

plus size clothing

Certainly! Let us look at the Azzlee reviews, an online clothes store. Here’s what consumers have shared.

Grace from the United States requested two shirts for her cruise holiday. Unfortunately, the products were not as advertised on the website. The materials were stiff, and the colours did not complement the stunning blue sky in the photographs. After waiting more than ten days, Grace had to look for another outfit.

Elsbeth (from the United Kingdom) regrets not reading reviews before purchase. The garment quality was horrible, contrary to what the photographs claimed. When I tried to return products, Azzlee refused to offer a return address. They stated the return address was in New Jersey, even though it was being delivered from the UK. Elsbeth believes Azzlee is a scam firm and encourages people to avoid it.

Rosie (also from the UK) calls Azzlee a “complete sham.” After purchasing four products, she desired to return three of them.  Azzlee initially refused to provide a return address but later gave her money to retain the items. Rosie accepted the offer and received her credit within 48 hours. She advises prospective purchasers not to part with their cash.

Hayley Thomson-de Boor purchased a top described as made from cotton blends. However, the label revealed that it was 100% polyester, prompting her to believe that the asking price was excessive. She wishes she had read Trustpilot evaluations before making the hasty purchase.

J Bysh expresses concern about their order after not reading reviews earlier. Even though the goods were transported from another country, the payment was allegedly made in France. Lesson learned: Always read reviews before making a purchase.

In summary, Azzlee’s reviews are varied, with some customers pleased with the quality and others frustrated by differences between product photos and reality. If you plan to shop there, proceed with caution! 🛍️

Azzlee Alternatives

CurveDream: Another women’s clothes boutique; however, CurveDream provides also provides less public corporate information. Also risky. You can read in detail here.

BloomChic: BloomChic states they also sell women’s clothing. However, no address or owners are provided either. I can’t confirm if it’s true.

Pink Lily: PinkLily focuses on prom and party gowns. However, we can see buyer ratings from previous years. There’s more trustworthy history there.

XPlusWear: specializes in plus-size apparel that is trendy—social solid feedback. However, the expenses are more significant than 1Azzlee.

Emmiol: Emmiol shares the owner’s background, policies, and manufacturing details to create trust. Reliable Emmiol currently looks more legitimate for quality and value than unverified Azzlee.

FAQs Related to Azzlee Reviews

Is Azzlee, an American company?

No, it’s a Xiamen City-based Chinese company.

who owns Azzlee clothing?

The owner’s name should be mentioned on the official website.

What is the Azzlee Shipping Policy?

The Azzlee shipping policy covers the steps for delivering your products. Here are the main points:

  • Azzlee normally processes orders within 1-3 business days.
  • Once processed, your order will be ready to ship.

Shipping Methods and Costs:

Azzlee provides regular shipping to several countries and regions. The following are the shipping details for specific locations:

  • Standard shipping in the United States is $9.99 and typically takes 8-12 business days to arrive.
  • Standard shipping to the United Kingdom and Canada costs US$12.99 and takes around the same time to deliver.
  • Australia and New Zealand: Standard shipping is US$12.99 for all purchases, with a delivery period of 8-12 working days.

Total Delivery Time:

  • The total delivery time consists of both processing time and shipping time.
  • It’s calculated as Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time.

Tracking Your Order:

  • Once your order ships, you’ll receive an email notification, including a unique parcel tracking number.
  • You can review your order status and track the shipment by logging into your Azzlee account.

Import Fees and Taxes:

  • Azzlee customers do not need to pay for importing fees, duties, or VAT (Valued Additional Tax).
  • However, some limited countries (especially in Europe, such as Germany, Italy, the UK, and Canada) may require payment of duties or VAT based on local rules.

Refusing Delivery:

  • If you refuse to accept your delivery, Azzlee will refund 50% of your payment once they receive the returned order.

Remember that public holidays may influence shipment timeframes, and Azzlee has no control over manufacturer or courier operations during such times. If you have any more questions, please get in touch with Azzlee customer support at

Where does Azzlee ship from?

Azzlee has warehouses throughout the United States, Australia, and Asia. Therefore, orders are sent from multiple locations depending on the destination address.

How To Contact

To contact Azzlee, send an email to They attempt to react within 24 hours, although it may take a bit longer on weekends. This is the most effective technique to settle any concerns. When contacting them, remember to mention your Order Number (if applicable) to speed up the response to your inquiry1.

Final Verdict

We were curious whether Azzlee sold real clothes or if it was a scam. We looked at their website, history, policies, and more clues.

After the entire investigation, we still have too many unanswered questions. Missing details on the owners, factory origins, leadership team, and past buyer experiences are red flags.  

Because of open gaps at Azzlee, I have yet to recommend buying their clothes. Consumers should be cautious with sites lacking transparency. More time is needed to see if Azzlee builds trust.

Azzlee Reviews from real customers provide precious information to help future shoppers. If anyone buys Azzlee clothes, please share an open and honest product rating afterwards.

Both good and bad reviews guide people in making hard online decisions. Knowledge keeps everyone’s shopping experiences safe.

Let’s stay in touch on any new Azzlee developments. Making careful judgments protects all buyers in the long run as more stores move online. Please reach out if any other questions come up!

Happy shopping! 🛍️🌟

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