Commense Clothing Review 2024: Is It A Hidden Gem or a Scam?

Want to look stylish without spending a lot of money? You can get everything you need at Commense Clothing review.

Their stylish, reasonably priced clothes have been all the talk lately. However, before you click “Add to Cart,” read some of my Commense Clothing reviews to discover the truth about this clothing site.

This article will talk about readers’ own experiences shopping at Commense Clothing. We will thoroughly investigate them, looking into everything from how reliable their customer service is to how good their clothes are.

We will soon find out if this online store is a secret gem or another disappointment when shopping for clothes online.

Commense Clothing Overview

the commense clothing

One thing that makes Commense Clothing stand out is that they have a vast selection of trendy clothes. Their selection includes everything from cute dresses and shirts for formal events to comfy loungewear and everyday clothes that can be worn anywhere.

The things that make Commense Clothing stand out are their quality and care for detail. Their clothes are stylish and comfy because they are made from high-quality fabrics.

Each piece is made with care, intricate needlework, eye-catching patterns, or shapes that look good on everyone. By dressing this way, you can look stylish and confident simultaneously.

Is Commense Clothing Legit?

Yes, Commense Clothing is a legit website. They have a lot of different clothes and are known for what they sell. You can be sure that Commense Clothing is an excellent choice if you want to buy something. 

Types of Clothes in Commense Clothing 

commense clothing

At Commense Clothing, we can find a wide range of stylish clothes. 


I loved their selection of sweaters, tank tops, crop tops, and T-shirts.


Things like skirts, jeans, shorts, cargo pants, sweats, and pants.


There are many different types of dresses, like long, sweater, summer, work, and party and bar dresses.


They have unique knitted clothes like coats, shirts, and dresses.


Other miscellaneous things like jackets, blazers, coats, and fur coats.


Different rings, earrings, bracelets, hair claws, caps, socks, tights, sunglasses, and chain bags are also available.

I think Commense Clothing is an excellent choice for people who care about style because it sells cheap clothes inspired by cultures worldwide. Check out their newest designs to find the perfect outfit for any event! You may also like Modlily reviews.

Do they have Clothes for People Who are Bigger Sizes?

Yes, of course! There are a lot of sizes at Commense Clothing, even plus-size clothes. They have trendy pants, tops, dresses, and other garments for everyone and every occasion. Look through their clothes to find the right ones for you.

What is Commense Clothing’s Return Policy?

You have 14 days to return clothes you bought from Commense Clothing. You can ask for a refund up to 14 days after you receive your buy.

If a customer sends the wrong thing, they are responsible for paying for the shipping. To return an item, email with your order number, a picture of the item(s) as they are now, the reason for the return, and the item(s) you want to return.

If you have any quality problems, please include pictures of the broken or missing parts with the tag.

How to Do It: You will be told where to send your package once your return is made.

When the things you want to return get to their warehouse, they’ll process your refund within 5 business days. The first method of payment will be returned. You’ll get a confirmation email when the return is finished.

Remember that everything you bring in has to be brand new, never worn, and still in its box with the tags on it. You can’t return or get a refund on clothes like bodysuits, swimsuits, and lingerie. They care about their customers at Commense Clothing! 

Commense Clothing Quality and Durability

Hearing from customers is a great way to discover how excellent and long-lasting everyday clothing is. 

Positive Feedback

  • The pieces have held up well over time with minor damage.
  • The clothes don’t fade or pill quickly.
  • Happy buyers say that Commense Clothing items last a long time.

Negative Feedback

  • The quality of the material isn’t excellent—it pills shrinks and loses shape.
  • People sometimes say things like “not lasting long enough.”
  • There are times when quality control goes wrong for any clothing brand reviews.

Despite occasional issues, many customers are satisfied with the quality and longevity of the materials used to make Commense Clothing items. They say the clothes are a reliable and long-lasting addition to their wardrobes.

Sizing and Fit

commense trustpilot review

Excuse me. When it comes to sizes, clothes try to be stable. Different people can pick different ways to fit. Make sure they fit by looking at their size charts and reading reviews from other customers.

Remember how important it is to get a precise measurement and consider how the fabric will move. If you need more clarification, their customer service can directly help you.

Positive Feedback

  • Many customers like how well the clothes fit and how true the size of the clothes is. Size guides and plans with many measurements can help you get the right size.
  • Cuts and styles that are in style and look good on all body types and sizes.
  • Read size charts, measurements, and customer reviews for the best fit.

Shipping and Delivery Experience

Commense Clothing has two delivery options, standard and expedited, and the prices for each are displayed. There are expedited alternatives for speedy delivery, and standard shipping times might vary depending on location.

We can ship internationally, although the prices can be a bit higher. Customers may monitor the progress of their orders’ shipments through the website.

Positive Feedback

  • “The shipping was lightning fast! Thanks a bunch!” 
  • “Impressed with how well my items were packaged – no damages at all.”
  • “The ability to track my shipment every step of the way was very convenient.”
  • “Affordable shipping rates, even for expedited delivery.”

Negative Feedback

  • “My order took forever to arrive – over 2 weeks for standard shipping.”
  • “Very disappointed that my package got lost in transit and had to reorder.”
  • “The shipping charges for international orders are way too high.”
  • “Total lack of communication about delays or updates on my shipment status.”

Commense Customer Service and Support

Reviews for Commense Clothing’s customer service show a wide range of responses and levels of effectiveness. Others have complained about staff who were either inattentive or useless. In contrast, others have praised the speed and helpfulness of their service.

Positive Feedback

  • “The customer service team was extremely friendly and resolved my issue quickly.”
  • “The representative was knowledgeable and provided clear guidance on sizing and returns.”

Negative Feedback

  • “Disappointed by the lack of empathy and unwillingness to find a reasonable solution.”
  • “I sent multiple emails and never received a response regarding my order status.”

Return and Exchange Policy

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return or exchange any item at Commense Clothing as long as it is unwashed and has not been used. Except in cases of product fault, the Customer is liable for the cost of return shipment.

Positive Feedback

  • “Exchanging for a different size was hassle-free, with the new item arriving quickly.”

Negative Feedback

  • “They refused to accept my return because of a minor flaw I didn’t notice.”
  • “I’m still waiting for my refund months after initiating the return process.”

Commense Clothing Reviews from Customers

Sifting through and analysing genuine Commense trustpilot reviews: The business is praised for its stylish styles and affordable prices; yet consumers complain about its inconsistent sizing and lack of quality control.

Positive Feedback

  • “Love the trendy styles and unique pieces from Commense – great value for money.”
  • “Their clothing fits true to size, and the fabrics are surprisingly nice for the price.”

Negative Feedback

  • “Disappointed by the lack of size inclusivity – their range is very limited.”
  • “The dress I ordered was poorly constructed and fell apart after one wear.”

Commense Clothing Alternatives


A variety of brands and styles are available at ASOS. Widespread, although with varying opinions on fit and quality.


A name synonymous with fashionable gowns and formalwear is Lulus. The price will keep the bank and rave customer service evaluations.

Fashion Nova

Shop a wide variety of designs at affordable prices at Fashion Nova—concerns concerning quality and unethical methods.


Shop for affordable apparel and accessories at Boohoo: regular shipments, but erratic size and poor-quality assurance.


Exceptional style and durability. Superb customer service, but pricier than chain stores selling quick fashion.

FAQs Related to Commense Clothing Review

Is Commense Clothing a reliable online retailer?

Customer reviews suggest that Commense Clothes is a trustworthy online clothes business despite occasional product quality and service concerns.

What types of clothing and fashion items does Commense Clothing offer?

Commense Clothing sells dresses, blouses, loungewear, and casual wear.

How durable and high-quality are Commense Clothing products?

Some customers love Commense Clothing items, but others complain about material quality and durability.

Is Commense Clothing sizing accurate or off?

Items might run small or oversize. Many consumers find sizing charts and measuring guides helpful.

How efficient and trustworthy is Commense Clothing’s shipping?

Some report fast deliveries, while others report delays or lost/damaged shipments.

Where is Commense clothing from? 

Unfortunately, Commense Clothing does not provide clear information about the company’s location or where its clothing items are manufactured.

What is Commense Clothing’s return and exchange policy, and how easy?

Commense Clothing allows 30-day returns and exchanges, although some customers have had issues with refused returns or delayed reimbursements.

Do Commense Clothing consumers have any memorable experiences?

Positive reviews highlight low costs, fashionable trends, and value. Poor quality, size irregularities, and inattentive customer assistance are negative experiences.

How does Commense Clothing compare to other renowned online clothing retailers?

Commense Clothing is cheaper than high-end stores but may need more quality control.

Would you shop at Commense Clothing?

Commense Clothing may be a fantastic choice for inexpensive, fashionable fashion lovers who can handle size and quality difficulties. Quality and customer service-focused customers may look elsewhere.

Final Thoughts on Commense Clothing Review

Have you reconsidered your decision to purchase from Commense Clothing? Allow me to review the main points that we have discussed briefly in Commense Clothing review.

We have covered the brand’s ups and downs, including issues with size and product quality, as well as shipping and customer service.

While Commense does provide reasonably priced, on-trend fashions, some customers may find its inconsistent quality to be off-putting.

What I think? Manage your expectations, read reviews carefully, and prioritize your personal preferences.

If you’re willing to navigate potential hiccups for the sake of budget-friendly fashion, Commense could be worth a try. But if flawless quality and service are musts, explore alternative retailers.

The choice is yours!

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