10 Best Spray Tan Solution for a Believable Bronze Glow

Spray tanning has become a trendy alternative to tanning beds and laying in the sun. Spray tans provide a sun-kissed glow without exposing skin to UV rays.

If you want to try the best spray tan solution at home, using a quality spray tan solution is critical for flawless, natural-looking results.

Read on for a guide to spray tanning and a list of the top 10 best spray tan solution available.

What is Spray Tan?

best spray tan solution

Spray tanning, also called sunless tanning, involves applying a formula directly to the skin to darken its appearance temporarily.

The active ingredient DHA reacts with amino acids on the outermost layer of the skin to create a bronzed color.

You can get a spray tan professionally applied at salons or use at-home kits for a DIY tan.

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Uses and Benefits of Best Spray Tan Solution

  • Safer alternative to UV tanning, which ages and damages skin.
  • Provides an instant bronzed glow without sun exposure.
  • More predictable, consistent, and adjustable than natural tanning.
  • Minimizes the appearance of imperfections and cellulite.
  • Long-lasting results typically take 5-10 days.
  • Fades evenly for low-maintenance color.

Top 10 Best Spray Tan Solutions

1. LOreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Mist Medium to Natural Spray

loreal paris self tanning spray

Overview: L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist provides an easy-to-apply, streak-free, customizable tan. The 360° spray nozzle allows controlled application.


  • Buildable color from light to dark bronze
  • No orange undertones
  • Even fade
  • Sheer, natural-looking finish
  • Hydrating formula


  • It can transfer onto clothes if applied too heavily
  • Strong self-tanner scent


This is a top drugstore’s best spray tan solution for flawless, customizable color with a sheer, natural-looking finish. The formula hydrates skin while developing into a believable golden glow.

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2.Neutrogena Micromist Airbrush Sunless Tanning Spray

Neutrogena Micromist Airbrush Sunless Tanning Spray

Overview: Neutrogena Micromist Self Tanner provides a light, even mist application for gradual color development over time. The sheer tint formula is easy to build and control.


  • Sheer, buildable formula.
  • More transparent guide color.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Gradual color development.


  • It can streak if sprayed unevenly.
  • Long dry time.
  • Fades faster than darker formulas.


This is a great drugstore option for a gradual, customizable color with a lighter guide tint. The see-through mist allows you to target just where you want color.

3. B tan Self Tanner Bronzing Mist

btan Self Tanner Bronzing Mist

Overview: B.tan Self Tanner Bronzing Mist provides a quick-drying, streak-free tan with a range of customizable shades. The vegan and cruelty-free formula has no added nasties.


  • Customizable color intensity.
  • Fast-drying formula.
  • No harsh self-tanner smell.
  • Color lasts 5-7 days.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.


  • Can transfer onto fabrics briefly after application.
  • Some reviewers report uneven fade.


This best spray tan solution mist allows you to tailor your shade for a customized sunless tan. The formula is free of harsh ingredients and dries fast for quick, hassle-free application.

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4.St Moriz Advanced Self Tanner Face Mist Sunless Tanning Spray

St Moriz Advanced Self Tanner

Overview: St. Moriz Advanced Self Tanner Face Mist is a clear bronzing spray tailored for the delicate facial area. The lightweight mist formula builds gradual color while hydrating. 


  • Specifically formulated for face.
  • Sheer, buildable color.
  • Contains aloe vera and vitamin E.
  • Quick-drying lightweight mist.
  • Fades evenly.


  • Can clog pores for some users.
  • Strong self-tanner scent.
  • Can stain hairline if sprayed too close.


This targeted sunless tanning face mist provides subtle, customizable bronzing with added skincare benefits. The sheer formula lets you build color just where you want it.

5. SJOLIE Spray Tan Solution – No. 9 – Medium Hydrating Tanning Spray

SJOLIE Spray Tan Solution - No. 9 - Medium Hydrating Tanning Spray

Overview: SJOLIE Spray Tan Solution No. 9 Medium provides a natural-looking, customizable color that blends and builds quickly. The hydrating formula leaves skin soft.


  • Blends well for streak-free application.
  • Customizable sunless color intensity.
  • Hydrating formula soothes skin.
  • Free of harsh ingredients.
  • Fades evenly over time.


  • Can transfer onto fabrics after applying.
  • Light self-tanner scent.


This best spray tan solution delivers flawless, natural-looking color that can be built from a light glow to deep bronze. The hydrating properties keep skin nourished.

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6. SJOLIE Rapid Spray Tan Solution

SJOLIE Rapid Spray Tan Solution

Overview: SJOLIE Rapid Spray Tan Solution provides an ultra-dark tan in just 1 hour. The fast-drying violet-based formula achieves deep, dark color instantly.


  • Ultra-dark color in 1 hour.
  • Quick drying time.
  • Violet base for a natural look.
  • Smooth, streak-free results.
  • Long-lasting color.


  • Very dark results may not suit paler skin tones.
  • Can transfer onto fabrics briefly after application.


This fast-acting best spray tan solution delivers rich, dark color in just an hour for those seeking dramatic instant bronzing.

7. Medium to Dark Body Self Tanner Spray

Medium to Dark Body Self Tanner Spray

Overview: This self-tanner spray tailors medium to dark bronzing for fair and pale complexions. The ultra-dark color builds quickly for customized intensity. 


  • Formulated for fair skin.
  • Buildable ultra-dark color.
  • Streak-free results.
  • Quick drying mist.
  • Long-lasting, rich tan.


  • Very dark color may look unnatural on pale skin.
  • Can temporarily stain palms.


People with lighter skin tones can use this customizable self-tanner spray to achieve dramatic bronzing tailored for fair complexions.

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8. Bronze Tan Special DARK Blend Premium Spray Tan Solution

Bronze Tan Special DARK Blend Premium Spray Tan Solution

Overview: Bronze Tan Special DARK sunless tanning solution delivers salon-quality, customized bronzing. The dark blend builds quickly for your ideal shade.


  • Dark formula tailored for pros.
  • Coconut scent.
  • Customizable color result.
  • Streak-free application.
  • Hydrating ingredients.


  • Very dark color may not suit lighter skin tones.
  • Can stain light hair briefly.


This pro-grade spray tan solution allows flawless, buildable application for customized color. The hydrating coconut-scented formula provides a natural-looking glow.

9. SJOLIE Sunless Tanning pH Balancing Spray (8oz)

SJOLIE Sunless Tanning pH Balancing Spray (8oz)

Overview: SJOLIE pH Balancing Spray preps and balances skin’s pH before self-tanning for longer-lasting, more accurate color results.


  • Extends self-tan wear time.
  • Helps color develop evenly.
  • Conditions and hydrates skin.
  • Enhances tan color.
  • Easy spray application.


  • Requires two-step self-tanning process.
  • Light self-tanner scent.


This pH-balancing spray improves self-tanner application and color for longer-lasting, richer bronzing before sunless tanning.

10. MineTan Spray Tan Solution

MineTan Spray Tan Solution

Overview: MineTan Double Dark sunless tanning solution achieves a dramatic, ultra-dark color that builds and layers quickly for custom bronzing.  


  • Double-dark formula for intense color.
  • Buildable, customizable color.
  • Soft, smooth skin finish.
  • Tropical coconut scent.
  • Salicylic acid helps reduce acne.


  • Very dark results may look unnatural on paler tones.
  • Can stain light hair briefly.


This ultra-dark self-tanning solution lets you layer and customize dramatic color intensity for a tropical bronzed glow.

FAQs Related to “Best Spray Tan Solution”

What is the best sunless spray tan solution?

Some top-rated sunless tanning spray solutions include St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse, Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam, and L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist. Look for formulas that provide an even, natural-looking color.

What is the best organic spray tan solution? 

Some top organic spray tanning solutions are Sun Labs Ultra Dark Self-Tanning Lotion, Eco Tan Coconut Water Tanning Mister, and LaRoc Sunless Tanning Oxygen Infused Organic Spray. These use naturally derived ingredients.

What is the best airbrush spray tan solution?

Great airbrush tanning solutions for flawless application are Norvell Sunless Solution, Aviva Labs Black Label Spray Tanning Solution, and Bellezza Mellonade Dark Rapid Self-Tanning Mist. Avoid thick formulas that can clog airbrushes.

What is the best professional spray tan solution?

Professional-grade spray tanning solutions include Aviva Labs’s Dark Spray Tan Solution, Supre Smoke Black Bronzer, and South Seas Dark Self-Tan Lotion. Pros require customizable color and quick drying times.

Final Words

One of the top-rated spray tan solutions can help you achieve a gorgeous, natural-looking color without exposure to UV rays.

Look for formulas that provide customizable, buildable color results and avoid orange undertones.

Follow the prep steps, then layer the solution evenly, blending any streaks for flawless sunless tanning.

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