Is Rare Beauty Cruelty Free in 2024? Analyzing the Truth

Rare Beauty by pop icon Selena Gomez took the makeup world by storm with its initial launch. The brand stands out for fresh, glowing complexions enhanced not masked. But is Rare Beauty cruelty free when it comes to thoughtful standards? Learn what goes on behind their ambition of ethical, fulfilling beauty.  

Rare Beauty Overview

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Led by Gomez’s commitment to spreading more positivity, Rare Beauty aims for diversity, self-expression and authenticity through vegan cosmetics and tools. Their foundation, lip and cheek products focus on illuminating natural beauty in all its wonderful variations versus unrealistic standards. By skipping harmful ingredients that aggravate skin too, the brand aligns wellness and skincare.

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Rare Beauty’s Stance on Animal Testing Policies  

So, does Rare Beauty conduct animal testing? Their site directly states:

“Rare Beauty is 100% cruelty-free. We do not test on animals or contain any animal-derived ingredients.”

This unambiguous, transparent position puts them among the wave of modern, conscious companies recognizing counterproductive and outdated testing methods yielding inconsistent safety data. Experts argue clinical human trials serve far better for revealing reactions and hypoallergenic assurance anyway.  

Notably, Rare Beauty exceeds the industry cruelty-free baseline by certifying vegan formulas and synthetic bristled tools avoiding animal hair, beeswax and carmine-based pigments too. They check multiple ethical boxes for conscientious shoppers wondering “is Rare Beauty cruelty free?” before trying these on-trend cosmetics out.

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Has Rare Beauty Always Been Cruelty-Free? 

is rare beauty cruelty free

Yes, the brand launched an all-vegan catalog entirely free from animal testing or ingredients from inception. Founder Selena Gomez felt adamant about cruelty-free certification being non-negotiable from development start to retail shelves. The consistent messaging shows she stands firmly behind those values personally too.

Which Rare Beauty Products Are Cruelty-Free?

Every single Rare Beauty makeup and accessory abides by Leaping Bunny Program standards meeting the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ strictest criteria free from any animal testing during production from components to final result. This span:

  • Complexion – foundations, concealers, primers, setting sprays & powders.
  • Eyeshadow palettes, brow pencils & gels.
  • Blushes, bronzers, highlighters.
  • Lipsticks, liners & gloss.
  • Brushes and tools.

Shoppers can feel confident treating themselves across categories knowing all align ethically. No nitpicking certain lipstick shades over others required.  

Are Rare Beauty Products Also Vegan?

rare beauty products

Yes – in tandem with skipping animal testing, Rare Beauty formulations exclude any traces of ingredients sourced from creatures. Everything qualifies as vegan friendly. They confirm no use of:

  • Beeswax or honey
  • Carmine and other bug-based dyes
  • Lanolin
  • Animal milk or fat derivatives
  • Marine life elements

This makes the brand ideal for vegans and those avoiding these specific ingredients for religious, health, environmental or moral reasons. It makes selecting kinder makeup simple.

Rare Beauty’s Third-Party Cruelty-Free Certifications

Rare Beauty undergoes regular independent audits by recognized cruelty-free authority Logo Max Certifications Worldwide to continually analyze and verify every component of their recipes remain free from animal testing and substances. This includes tracing all potential derivatives like glycerin back to their true non-animal origin points.

Verified batches then get marked with the Leaping Bunny emblem denoting alignment with International Humane Cosmetic Standard clauses. Consumers can search for recognizable logos flagged on Rare Beauty’s website and product pages as proof too.

What Sets Rare Beauty Apart on Cruelty-Free Front?

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Unlike the more common “we do not test on animals” basic claims, Rare Beauty submits to ongoing respected cruelty-free certification checkpoints rather than one-time assessments. This external accountability requires ethical consistency across all their sellers, suppliers and finished goods long term. 

Where many brands simply reassure consumers while potentially outsourcing unlabeled third party testing, Rare Beauty’s exceptional transparent initiative guarantees their entire process emphasizes kindness down to ingredients made for these vegan and cruelty-free formulations the public seeks.

How to Determine If a Beauty Brand is Cruelty-Free and/or Vegan Yourself?

Here are some tips for how to determine if a beauty brand is cruelty-free and/or vegan yourself:

1. Check Their Website

Most brands that are cruelty-free and/or vegan will state this clearly on their FAQ pages or under product descriptions. Read around to find verbiage on their animal testing policies and ingredient sourcing.

2. Look for Certification Logos

Leaping Bunny, PETA’s Bunny logo, Choose Cruelty Free (CCF) are all certifications that enable you to instantly recognize a cruelty-free commitment. The Vegan Society trademark demonstrates formulas and practices meet vegan standards.

3. Search Lists of Confirmed Brands

Sites like Logical Harmony and VeganWomble keep ongoing updated lists of cruelty-free/vegan brands as verified by trademark agreements, direct company contact and monitoring recertification dates. These resources also call out expired statuses.

4. Scan Product Ingredient Lists

Turn bottles around and read ingredients to check for animal-derived components like honey, beeswax, collagen or carmine dye. It takes familiarity but ultimately reveals if products meet personal consumption preferences. 

5. Contact Companies Directly

Email, call or message beauty brands with questions on unclear labeling, sourcing details and policies whenever you need personalized clarification. Many openly provide suppliers, testing statements and ingredient glossaries.

Staying proactive by cross-checking multiple indicators allows you to feel fully comfortable products align with cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle principles. With some savvy research skills, the answers are within reach!

FAQs Related to “Is Rare Beauty Cruelty Free?”

Is Rare Beauty acne safe?

Rare Beauty claims their complexion products are non-comedogenic, meaning they are formulated not to clog pores or create acne. However, all skin types can react differently so they recommend patch testing.

Is Rare Beauty non-toxic?

Rare Beauty does not make claims of being non-toxic or using all natural ingredients. However they say their formulas are vegan and cruelty-free. As always check ingredients if sensitive or concerned about toxicity.

Where is Rare Beauty manufactured?

Rare Beauty products are made in the United States according to their website information.

Is Rare Beauty foundation water based?

Yes, Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation uses a water base combined with humectants, emollients and pigments rather than oils. It features a natural matte, demi-matte finish.

Is Rare Beauty gluten free?

While Rare Beauty does not make an official gluten-free label claim, their ingredient lists suggest all products would likely be considered gluten-free, though they recommend checking with your doctor.

Is Rare Beauty Fragrance-Free?

No, Rare Beauty products are not fragrance-free. Many of their complexion products and lip formulas contain added synthetic and natural fragrances or perfumes. They recommend checking ingredient lists if sensitive.

Is Rare Beauty Paraben-Free?

While Rare Beauty doesn’t make outright “paraben-free” labeling claims, checking ingredient lists shows their current selection of makeup, tools and accessories do not contain parabens like methylparaben, propylparaben, etc.

Is Rare Beauty Sustainable?

Rare Beauty says they aim to work towards more sustainable innovation in packaging but do not specify using recycled materials currently. Their refillable lip and cheek products allow for less waste. Overall, sustainability reporting seems limited compared to social/ethical efforts for now. Check their website for updates.


With unequivocal statements backed by respected labels like Leaping Bunny Program, Rare Beauty products live up to both cruelty-free and vegan standards from first experiments to packaging thanks to Selena’s passionate vision. Customers can shop the glowy makeup they crave free from doubts on if Rare Beauty remains committed to animal, human and environmental welfare first.

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