Does Coconut Oil Grow Eyelashes? The Truth You Need to Know

Having long, rich, gorgeous eyelashes is something that many women desires. However, pricey serums and complex eyelash extensions may break the bank.

What if we told you your pantry may hold the key to longer, thicker lashes?

Yes, using coconut oil can promote eyelash growth. Does coconut oil grow eyelashes?

By reading on, discover the incredible advantages of using coconut oil on your lashes.

Coconut Oil’s Benefits for Eyelashes

coconut oil benefits for eyelashes

To answer the question, “Does coconut oil grow eyelashes?” Let’s delve into the benefits of coconut oil for eyelashes.

1. Encourages Development

Coconut oil offers nutrients that promote lash development while conditioning the lashes. Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, lauric acid keeps your follicles healthy. Your eyelashes might get more robust and longer as a result.

2. Avoid Breaking

Coconut oil’s vitamin E nourishes and maintains the suppleness and elasticity of eyelashes. This keeps lashes from becoming brittle and breaking easily. Lashes become more robust when coconut oil is used.

3. Added Glow

Because of coconut oil’s moisturizing qualities, lashes seem glossy and silky. Coconut oil will make your lashes look more vibrant.

4. All Natural

Avoid exposing your eyes to potentially harmful ingredients in commercial eyelash serums. Coconut oil offers a natural way to achieve the same lash goals.

5. Easy to use

Applying coconut oil to your lashes is simple! Before bed, dip a clean mascara wand into coconut oil and brush over lashes like regular mascara.

After leaving it on all night, rinse it off the next morning. Do it every day.

Is Coconut Oil Safe to Use Around the Eyes?

coconut oil

In general, coconut oil is pretty mild and perfect for the delicate region around the eyes.

Do a patch test first if you have any allergies before putting it on your lashes. Keep coconut oil out of your eyes.

Regular use of coconut oil may considerably lengthen and strengthen eyelashes.

How Long Does Coconut Oil Take to Grow Eyelashes?


When it comes to lash development, patience is crucial. It takes at least 4-6 weeks of continuous use of coconut oil to see noticeable benefits.

Some ladies have noticed a change in about two to three weeks!

How to Make Lash Serum with Coconut Oil?

To create an incredibly nourishing lash serum, mix the following ingredients with coconut oil:

  • Coconut oil + Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E strengthens lashes.
  • Coconut oil + Olive oil: Stimulates follicle health.
  • Coconut oil + Honey: Natural antibacterial properties.

Before bed, combine and apply to lashes using a clean mascara wand.

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Can Coconut Oil Cause Allergic Reactions?


Although most individuals can tolerate coconut oil well, some may develop allergies. An allergy manifests as redness, swelling, itching, and irritation.

If there is any response, stop using it. Always perform a patch test before using coconut oil on your lashes for the first time.

Coconut Oil vs. Castor Oil vs. Vaseline for Eyelashes

Coconut Oil Castor Oil Vaseline
Benefits 1. Promotes lash growth by conditioning follicles.

2. Adds shine and prevents breakage.

1. Thickens and strengthens lashes. 2. Stimulates fuller growth. 1. Temporary cosmetic enhancer. 2. Adds shine.
Application Apply along lash line with clean mascara wand before bed. Apply along lash line with clean mascara wand before bed. Apply along lash line.
Frequency Daily application for 4-6 weeks. Daily application for 4-6 weeks. As needed.
Caution Patch test first to check for allergies. Patch test first to check for allergies. Avoid entering eyes.
Key Takeaway Focuses on lengthening lashes. Boosts thickness of lashes. Only provides temporary cosmetic effect.


Overall, coconut oil and castor oil nourish lashes and stimulate growth over time while Vaseline can only provide short-term cosmetic enhancement. Using both coconut and castor oils together provides the best results.

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Tips on Using Coconut Oil for Eyelashes

does coconut oil grow eyelashes

More tips for getting the most from coconut oil:

  • Use on clean eyelashes since dirt and cosmetics will lessen their efficacy.
  • Switch up your eye movements to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Before applying, properly wash your hands.
  • Never put oil on your waterline or in your eyes.
  • To avoid spoiling, store in a cold, dark area.
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FAQs Related to “Does Coconut Oil Grow Eyelashes?”

Is coconut oil good for eyelashes?

Indeed, coconut oil works wonders for nourishing lashes and encouraging strong development. Lauric acid combats germs, and vitamin E strengthens and moisturizes lashes. Lashes get thicker, longer, and glossier when coconut oil is applied.

Can you mix castor oil and coconut oil for eyelashes? 

Of course! Castor and coconut oils together make a potent lash serum. Castor oil thickens lashes, while coconut oil increases length. A 50/50 ratio yields optimal outcomes.

Does coconut oil remove eyelash extensions?

No, lash extensions cannot be taken out with coconut oil. But avoid putting oil directly on the lashes—this will eventually weaken the glue. Apply just to your natural lashes. 

Is coconut oil good for eyelashes?

Indeed! Coconut oil’s vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants help to hydrate lashes. Longer, thicker lashes result from consistent usage, encouraging healthier, quicker development. Coconut oil is inexpensive, all-natural, and ophthalmologist-safe.

Bottom Line

Does coconut oil grow eyelashes? Coconut oil is a must-try for anybody looking for a cheap and natural way to get gorgeous lashes.

Regular application promotes growth, conditions lashes, and guards against breakage. Combine with castor oil to increase viscosity.

Coconut oil can significantly increase eyelash length and fullness when used consistently.

Wave goodbye to short lashes and welcome to a gorgeously fluffy fringe. Your lashes will be appreciated!

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